Fashion YouTubers

I never really watch TV anymore, instead I just watch YouTube videos. There is a whole community of YouTubers that make videos for a living about beauty and fashion. The YouTube channels that I watch consist of people that make... Continue Reading →

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A Different Approach to Holiday Apparel

The holidays are finally here and there is nothing better than getting dressed up and going to holiday parties. After seeing garments from my favorite designers, Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab, it really makes me wish I was invited to extravagant... Continue Reading →

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Cute & Casual Looks for Class

 If you're anything like me getting up and getting ready for 8 AM classes, even 9 AM's are a constant struggle. Most of my days I'm going to be on campus for the rest of the day and usually end... Continue Reading →

6 Essentials for a Professional Wardrobe

As you tweak your resume and polish your interviewing skills, it can be easy to forget about your clothes. However, having a sleek, professional look can be very important in your job hunt. How you dress is a representation of... Continue Reading →

The Fiber of the Future

Methane, or waste methane that comes from landfills, is much more potent than carbon dioxide and a massive environmental hazard. In California, the company Mango Materials is using waste methane to feed a certain type of bacteria that eats methane... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Websites for Internship Hunting

I know what you’re thinking. We JUST got back to school, why do we need to start looking for internships for next summer? The fashion industry is extremely competitive and fast-paced so we all need to stay ahead of the... Continue Reading →

Summer Trends to Keep in your Fall Wardrobe

Fall is finally here and I could not be happier. It's every Hokie's favorite season: football, tailgating, and of course even more opportunities to wear orange and maroon!  Having trouble coping with the thought of leaving those fun summer fashion... Continue Reading →

A Clothing Store With No Clothes for Sale: Nordstrom’s New Concept

It's no secret that the retailing industry has transformed, mainly due to the heavy shift from brick and mortar to e-commerce that was brought upon by Amazon--people just aren't shopping in stores like they used to. Because of this, many... Continue Reading →

Top 4 Things You’ve Got Wrong About Fashion Majors/Enthusiasts

I've been a passionate fashion follower since elementary school. I always wanted to study fashion in the hopes of getting into the industry upon graduation. As I've grown up, my passion hasn't faded in the slightest and now I'm pursuing... Continue Reading →

The Must-Have Clothing App For College Students

We have all found ourselves texting in hall group chats or desperately calling every friend you know looking for a dress for a special event, but there is no need to frantically send a million texts anymore or giving up because... Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Boost Your Resume

Applying for an internship or job in the fashion industry can seem like a pretty daunting task. Positions in the fashion industry are extremely competitive, especially for jobs at recognized brands. It is so important to have a resume that... Continue Reading →

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