Modern Luxury: The Reinvention of Coach

unnamedAfter being in business for almost 75 years, it is extremely difficult to reinvent yourself as a brand. Despite the intensive process, the American luxury brand, Coach, decided it needs to do just that: reinvent itself. A few years ago, Coach executives took a step back, evaluated the company, and concluded it was time for change.

Beginning in mid-2013, Coach implemented some internal shifts. Victor Luis was appointed Chief Executive Officer, pulling him from the role of President and Chief Commercial Officer of Coach Inc. Luis replaced Lew Frankfort, who served as CEO and Executive Chairman of Coach Inc. until December 2013. Frankfort will continue his role as Executive Chairman of the company.

The introduction of Stuart Vevers as the Executive Creative Director was the most dramatic and evident change at Coach. Replacing Reed Krakoff, Vevers has built quite the resume. Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, and Loewe were all fortunate to have Vevers on their team at some point in time. His diverse work experience and fresh insight is what will drive the success of this new chapter at Coach.

As an employee of this incredible company, I was fortunate enough to experience these two (and many other) changes over the past year and a half. The new products Vevers is creating are spurring excitement throughout the entire company. I believe his debut collection is a bit bolder than what Coach’s usual client is accustomed to seeing; however, I am confident she will still love the product. Why? Because amidst these changes, Coach is not straying from what it does best: providing quality, luxury and utility.