Paris Fall Fashion Week Red Carpet HOT or NOT

Paris Fall Fashion Week 2014 recently took place from September 23, 2014 to October 1, 2014. Many celebrities attended Fashion Week in Paris making quite a statement; some good, some not so good. The official VT FMDS HOT or NOT List starts here.


First on the HOT list for Paris Fashion Week is the one and only Miranda Kerr, wearing Emilio Pucci. Of course, most of us can agree this beautiful Victoria’s Secret model looks great in anything, but this black gown is just stunning. The deep V neckline and the lace cutouts are the perfect amount of sexy for the dress because they are balanced out with long sleeves. The belt on the dress cinches her waist and the red detail draws attention to her smallest point. Overall, I think Miranda Kerr definitely deserves the title of Best Dressed.
Next, the very famous sister of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner. Kendall looks so sleek and put together in her Emilio Pucci pantsuit. I love the tailored fit and the simple red and black color combination. Not to mention, those Tabitha Simmons shoes are to die for!
Next up is our favorite badass actress, Shailene Woodley. The pastel colors in her outfit and the very ladylike Miu Miu dress are the perfect balance for her edgy haircut. She definitely stood out in this unique piece, but she managed to look just as chic as always! Shailene Woodley never fails to get put on the Best Dressed List.


Also on the HOT list is Jessica Alba. Her super sleek black Dior pantsuit is perfect paired with her white clutch and black and white shoes. Simple black and white color combinations are huge this year, but I loved how Jessica Alba switched it up and also threw navy in the mix! So many people are scared to wear navy and black together, but as you can see, it looks great!
Lastly on the HOT list is Keira Knightly and husband James Righton. Again, the black and white trend is one of my favorites! She pulled it off so elegantly in her Chanel dress with gold metallic heels to match! Her hubby was also looking great during Fashion Week in a dark navy suit to compliment her outfit just right.


The first person on the NOT list is Dakota Fanning. Usually Fanning is with the others on the HOT list, but this Dior dress just didn’t do it this time. To me, the shape of the dress simply makes her look like she’s wearing a trash bag. She could’ve picked a much better dress for her body type.
Next on the NOT list is Lily Collins. Quite frankly, this Chanel sequin skirt looks like something I used to play dress up in as a kid. The sweater she paired with it is also not doing the skirt any favors.
Surprisingly, Emma Watson is on the NOT list. This ensemble isn’t as bad as some of the other offenders on the list, but it’s still not my favorite. Although her shoes are fabulous, the Dior dress is too distracting and overwhelms her tiny frame.
The next offenders are the Hilton sisters, Paris and Nicky. They have definitely mastered the trend of color blocking in these Valentino outfits, but I still think they may be stuck in Summer. For me, these are just not the colors I think of when I picture Fall. They definitely stood out in an audience full of sleek celebs in mostly black or white. Did the Hilton sisters not get the memo?
And lastly, we have Kristen Stewart. We all know Kristen has had her ups and downs, but I’d definitely have to say this is one of her downs. This Chanel two piece set is just not very pretty. Stewart looks like she is channeling her inner Miley Cyrus and trying to bring back the 90s gauchos trend all at once. Unfortunately for her, only Miley can be Miley and no one can pull off gauchos.