Blake Lively’s Announcement

Those of us who adored Blake Lively during her Gossip Girl days were delighted when she settled down with the equally as gorgeous actor, Ryan Reynolds. With two years passed since their wedding, her loving fans are even more excited that the actress-turned-entrepreneur has announced she is expecting her first child. On Monday, October 6th, Lively revealed, in the most harmonious way possible, her baby bump in an article titled “Falling for Family” on her blog/e-commerce website. Many were surprised at the modesty of her announcement. Instead of an extravagant ensemble and photo shoot, Lively initially released only one photo of herself (followed by another post on her website a few days later). The photo was taken by her brother at her rustic, chic baby shower where she glowed in a feminine look from Sami and Lavi. The silhouette of her floral top and patterned maxi skirt showcased her baby bump to perfection. Expecting mothers everywhere will be inspired by the simplicity and southern charm of Lively’s shower and announcement. She promises on her site that the upcoming month will be dedicated to expecting mothers and their families. Even as a young college student, I am excited to see what fashion and projects Lively will inspire and grace us with next.


Photo by Eric Lively