Don’t Sweat it… or Should You?

The leaves are turning, the air is cooling down and outfits are changing to keep you warmer. As fall progresses onward, the trends and fashions shown last spring are becoming present. One I cannot get over is the men’s fall 2014 trend of sweatpants. Yes, sweatpants. Banana Republic is doing it, J.Crew showed it on the runway, and Siblings, Todd Snyder, and Band of Outsiders are also sticking wiunnamedth the sweatpants look for fall 2014.

This trend does not mean that you are allowed to simply roll out of bed and start your day. There is a way to wear this look, but most importantly, wear it right. Remember guys, sweatpants that you wear for this look are not the same pair of sweatpants you go to the gym in for your morning run. Try a pair of lounge pants for this style instead.

If you do decide to partake in the trend, dress it up with a fitted oxford shirt, a blazer or bomber jacket with boots or slip-ons, and add accessories with it – still throw on that silver or gold banded watch – the key to this trend is to dress it up.

What do you think guys, should the sweats stay or go?

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