Alexander Wang for H&M

Mark your calendars, fashionistas! The Alexander Wang x H&M line debuts exclusively in New York City today and will hit stores November 6th for all of us to get our fashion-obsessed, grubby little hands on. Alexander Wang and H&M announced their collaboration this past April at Coachella but the moment we’ve been waiting for is upon us. Now we all can’t be in NYC tonight for the reveal but here is your EXCLUSIVE look at the sleek, sporty collection!

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“I didn’t want to just cater to one type of customer with this collection, so I chose a genre of clothing: performance and sportswear,” Wang exclusively told Us Weekly. “I wear [gym clothes] everyday—sweat pants, T-shirts, sweatshirts, running shorts. It’s not just what people wear to the gym, it’s what they wear in their everyday lives. It’s the new uniform.”

Here are a few of my favorites from the collection that I will definitely be checking out on November 6th!


Alexander Wang x H&M bra top, $40


Alexander Wang x H&M sweatshirt, $59.95


Alexander Wang x H&M sweater, $149

leather pants

Alexander Wang x H&M leather pants, $349

leather jacket

Alexander Wang x H&M leather jacket, $349

dress 2

Alexander Wang x H&M dress, $149


Alexander Wang x H&M boots, $299


Alexander Wang x H&M beanie, $29.95

Check out for more details!

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