Time to Put Wardrobe Hoarding to an End


When was the last time you sorted and organized your closet?  I am definitely guilty of being a hoarder when it comes to my wardrobe. Many (not all) of us probably have held onto an item/items for longer than we should, just for it to sit in our closet and take up space. I will keep an item that I haven’t worn in years, with the hope that I will like it or wear it again in the future- chances are it’s never gonna happen and I need to part ways with that garment. It can be an emotional experience, especially if the garment was expensive, a special gift, sentimental or tied with good/bad memories.

The first step in organizing your closet- get rid of the clothes that you don’t wear.

  1.  Have you worn it in the past 12 months?
  2. Does it fit/flatter you?
  3. If it is damaged, can you repair it?
  4. Would you buy it right this second?
  5. Does it match/convey your style?

If you said No to any of these questions- TOSS IT! Help support FDMS and donate any new or gently used clothing, accessories or shoes to FDMS Rocky Horror Pop Up Shop! October 29th and October 30th, FDMS will be selling donated clothing outside of Squires from 11-4pm. All unsold items will be donated to a TBD charity to support positive body image.

  • Contact Katie Brassington about donating- Email her, [Katieb14@vt.edu], Text her [- (804) 986- 3069] or shoot her a message on Facebook

Below are some tips and tricks to tackle your closet:

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