From the Store to your Door

Every guy has been there and is probably there now…no time for shopping with everything going on between classes, clubs, frats, football games, internships and homework, college kids are just too busy. I’ve got a solution for you – subscription boxes. I use these and I love them. There are 3 subscription boxes I recommend.

Dollar Shave Club – Dollar Shave Club is a cool subscription box service providing products such as razor blades, shave butter, post shave products and wipes. How it works – you choose which set of blades you want, the handle comes included. The blades range from $1 per month to $9 per month. On top of that you can add shave butter for $8, post shave for $9, and wipes for $4. It’s as simple as that, no more forgetting to get blades, no excuses not to shave – products delivered to your door every month.


Five Four Club – This is my personal favorite. Five Four Club is a monthly subscription box for clothing needs. I have had this for 3 months now and have gotten some very nice pieces from it. How does it work? Five Four Club is $60 per month, but guarantees you receive at least $120 in wholesale prices delivered right to your doorstep. When you sign up you choose from either Business Casual, Dress to Impress, T-shirt & Jeans style, or a mix between them. After choosing your style you choose option such has plain vs solid, top three favorite colors, light wash jeans vs dark wash jeans, boat shoes vs. boots, etc. All clothing is Five Four branded and picked you own five four stylist each month.


Birchbox Man – Birchbox Man is a monthly grooming and lifestyle subscription box service for men. Each box includes a mix of lifestyle items (wallets, socks, belts, etc), and grooming product samples for $20 per month. This is much like the well-known women’s Birchbox.


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