Get Inspired

As college students, our minds are in a thousand different places at once. We are stressing about our next test while trying to focus on the homework we’re currently doing and forever longing for the weekend. It is non-stop. With our hectic lives, we naturally fall into a routine. While things are constantly changing and fast paced, there are certain things we neglect that, in turn, stay the same. One of these is our style. It is so easy to fall into a rut of wearing the same thing to class everyday (aka leggings and a t-shirt). When you see everyone else wearing the same thing, it is hard to find inspiration. Here are a few things you can look to in order to avoid monotony in your wardrobe.

Pinterest is without a doubt my favorite form of social media. This aesthetically pleasing site allows you to easily compile looks you love while giving you room to explore new trends (without actually buying anything).





Frequently reading fashion magazines and blogs (like us!) will keep you updated on current trends and give you multiple perspectives.









We often don’t think of movies and TV shows as sources of inspiration, but we can draw from character’s style choices to create our own look. These productions have stylists that craft each characters wardrobe in order to reflect their personalities. ABC’s “Revenge” showcases beautiful designs that I’ve personally used to redefine my style.


Whether you are an art connoisseur or just love the aesthetic, art can inspire our style in terms of mood, color, and theme.






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