Find Your Inner Freak

We all know my absolute favorite part about Wednesdays (hump day woot woot)…but this week calls for an extra roof raise and Reese’s cup because it’s a fashion lovers favorite holiday!! Kudos to those of you that have spent weeks creating an absolutely seamless costume that is sure to win the parties best dressed– but for those (me included) that have found yourselves drowning in work, fun, and school for the last few weeks I have a few last minute ideas that will keep your wallet full and you up to par with our fellow over achievers 😉

First and foremost- let this Blue Foundation Remix put you in the spooky mood needed to motivate your inner freak to create a quick kick ass costume!

I know that we all strive to be anything but typical when it comes to our costumes and everyday wear– that is why I say leave it all up to the makeup to do all the talking/scaring this Halloween.

Costume 1: A doll can be creepy or adorable, it’s up to you!

**False Eyelashes (for the lower lid) Eyeliner, Blush, Lipliner (whatever color pops your eyes the most) and Mascara


Throw on that cute dress, those stockings, lace boots and tousle or braid that hair and you’ll be the perfect gorgeous/ scary/ cute doll Blacksburg has ever seen!

Costume 2: Meow– who said you couldn’t be hot and furry?

**Black Liquid Eyeliner, Black Lipstick or Eyeliner, Mascara, and some crazy cat eye contacts


This may take some artistic work with that liquid eyeliner but what a quick look to throw together once you’ve got those cat ears, destroyed black jeans, that black crop and short lace boots??

Look 3: A hawt vampire will be sure to give your buds a solid scream

**Creepy Contacts, Black Eyeliner, Purple/Pink Eyeshadow, Gold Eye Shadow, Light Foundation, Brow Liner, and the Bloodiest Lipstick you can find


Pull out those old tattered clothes as black as this girls soul^ and curl/ tease that hair with some sticky hair spray and you’ll be ready to prowl

Look 4: You can always sleep when you’re dead and rock it out while you still can!

**This can get as creative as you’ll allow- Black Liquid Eyeliner, any Poppin Colored Eyeshadow, Black Mascara, Glitter, Face Paint, Etc…


Bring out the punk and the classic rock I know you have in you and rip up those old band t’s, destroy those jeans and why not bring out the heels to sass it up??

Look 5: Who could ever resist a pretty gal from the 20’s? Not him!

**Rouge Lip Stain, Thick Black Liquid Eyeliner, False Eyelashes and Subtle Light Eyeshadow


Break out that fringe ladies! A fringe dress is the typical move but change it up with a fringe crop, sparkly head band, and flowin’ mini skirt– you’ll be the cutest of em’ all ❤

That’s all I have for you for now- have a wicked halloween, keep it crazy and let your freak flag fly high my friends!


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