For the Love of Hair

Hair. No, not the musical… your hair. Guys, since our fashion has limited items compared to women’s fashion the way you style your hair is a critical piece to your accessory list, and one of the most important, if not the most important. The looks definitely change throughout the years, but there is always a look to try to capture. Whatever that look is – use products with the least amount of chemicals to keep your hair safe. What to use? Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream.10022-2T

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream is paraben free, gluten free, color safe and vegan. How does it work? Apply a small amount to your fingertips, then apply to damp or dry hair and style as wanted. The best part about this product is that it provides great hold and texture while keeping hair looking natural with the look of very little product as well as a great scent. Want one style for work and another for going out later that night? Perfect. This product allows you to change midday without having to take a shower and redo your hair – just simply start restyling.

Here are some of the popular hairstyles for this autumn and winter 2014 season that you can use this product to achieve.

Short sides & back with mid-length top

Short sides and back

The Dramatic Blunt Cut (a twist on the buzz look)

Dramatic Blunt Cut

The Undercut – Shaved sides with longer top


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