Halloweekend Recap

Now that Halloweekend is over, it’s time to recap some of this years most creative and unique costumes.

1. Convicts of Indecent Exposure-10686789_10205583376533859_8778311125084476432_nGrace and Kelly are definitely the hottest convicts I’ve seen. I love this because they each threw in a little bit of their own style, but still look like they committed the same crime;)

2. Dia de los Muertos


Elli transformed herself into a unique and chic skull- looking like La Calavera Catrina herself! This is by far the best Day of the Dead makeup I have ever seen- and I am totally obsessed with her studded choker.

3. Magical Fairy

Kelly IS a magical, mystical and enchanting fairy- Emphasizing her costume with fun makeup; sparkly gemstones, dramatic eyelashes, iridescent eyeshadow, curly lines and the electric pink lips.

4. Jordan Belfort and Bottle of Qualuudes1901342_10205349015268146_5598400653500323053_nAnna and her date look like they just walked off the set of The Wolf of Wall Street. This is one of the most creative costumes I’ve ever seen and I don’t think a prescription medicine bottle has ever looked this hawt!

5. Girl Scout

unnamedSam looks deviously innocent in this Girl Scout uniform. Bonus point- she got to bring cookies around with her all night, yum!

6.  Naked and Afraid Survivalists10615421_10204198974767578_2058577439429281655_n

These Delta Gamma gals definitely went au naturel with their group costume this year.  I love the idea of the pixelated nudity- they look exactly like the survivalists on the TV Show!  Do you think they would be able to survive in the wilderness? They look pretty badass to me.

7.  Psycho-Murderer Housewife & Dead Husband10155481_10205581304162051_1113413326960430517_n

Of course I had to show off one of my costumes from the weekend, I was the psycho housewife that murdered her husband- it was such a fun(and powerful!) costume to wear. I definitely have to give credit to my boyfriend for agreeing to this and letting me put makeup on his face.

8. White Chicks


I had to double take the first time I saw Trey and Wes. This costume is hilarious- complete with blonde wigs, fake boobs, “Fierce B*tch” and “Bossy” shirts and even Tiffany’s Dog, Baby! Props to these guys for successfully cross dressing and having the most beautiful and shiny hair.

9. Granny


Lillian successfully pulled off the granny look, completed with the posture, the hair, the glasses, the dress, and the walker(which probably helped later on that night). She looks like she has the body of an 80 year old, only with perfect skin.

10. Medusa

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

One look from this gal would turn anyone into stone.With Taylor’s intricate makeup and venomous snake hair, she transformed herself into a mythological monster.

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