Grunge Style Steal



The combined feeling of envy and desire you feel when witnessing a particularly lovely outfit; your heart beats faster, your mind begins bombarding you with questions-

“Where did she buy that?”

“How much did it cost?”

We’ve all experienced it. Whether you want to draw inspiration from the look or want to purchase the entire look; there are many choices you can make when it comes to “stealing the style,” without actually, well- stealing it.
The 90s brings to mind many iconic fashion ideas like GRUNGE. Grunge is rad. Grunge is tough, dark, flannel. It’s the attitude as well as the style. The style I chose to steal is from Nasty Gal. It features a more preppy, modern rendition of the 90s grunge style. But let’s be real, the star of this outfit is the “tied flannel” skirt. In one of my blocks of free time, I hit the thrift shops with my friend (my mom, I went with my mom…), and I purchased a red plaid shirt. Without actually going into detail about how I made it, I can say that it took roughly 2.5 hours of trying it on, hand-sewing, trying it on, making a pocket accidentally, and stitching the sleeves onto the front to imitate a tied flannel shirt indicative of the grunge style. I am very satisfied with the end result!

Style Steal costs:
Nasty Gal-

Grunge Right In Skirt | $48

Bowler Hat | $12

Daybreak Button Up Blouse | $58

total cost | $118

My Look:

My hand-made skirt |$4

Bowler hat, H&M | $12

White Button down | borrowed

total cost | $16

grungeskirt4 grungeskirt2 flannelskirtoutfit


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