Beat The Monday Morning Blues


Transitioning from the weekend to the week is JUST the worst and Monday takes all the blame. Everyone hates Monday, but I think we need to give Monday a break. Here are some tips to beat the Monday blues-

1. Keep Monday’s schedule light- Prepare for Monday days before because piled up work or emails can be challenging to jump back into

2. Organize and plan your week out Sunday night– This is one less thing you have to do before starting the dreaded Monday & you already have a sense of your weekly workload and schedule (or even that assignment due Thursday you forgot about)

3. Get enough sleep and wake up early- Having more time in the morning to get ready without that “in a rush” feeling can make the transition smoother

4. Eat a healthy breakfast and take a LARGE cup of coffee or tea with you! Getting healthy food in your body early will energize you and give you a kick start to kick Monday in the butt!

5. Wear something that you love or look great in –  Looking good means feeling good, everyone knows this is the TRUTH!

6. Add Music! Listen to your favorite songs in the morning while getting ready, on the way to work/class and throughout the day (pro tip: sing at the top of your lungs in the car)

7. Do something for someone else– Bring your study buddy a coffee or a cookie, making their day will make yours!( +karma points)

8. Have a post class/work plan– Eat healthy, exercise and then treat yourself if you have the time! Knowing you have time to take a bath, go to a yoga class or even Netflix in bed can definitely help you get through the day.

9. Be positive! One positive thought in the morning can change your whole day!


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