10 Things I’ve Been Loving This Fall

As noted before, Fall is my favorite season for everything and especially fashion! Here are my top 10 must-haves for Fall!

1. Puffer Vests!

IMG_8107 cn8909860

I am obsessed with the puffer vest trend! I have the vest on the left, which is the J. Crew Herringbone Vest. It is amazing quality, but of course can get quite expensive being from J. Crew. I got mine on sale, which is definitely something to look out for with J. Crew! There are also very pretty vests on J. Crew Factory, which is the outlet store of shopping J. Crew online! The vest on the right is definitely on my wishlist! It is from Old Navy and is actually on sale right now for 20 bucks!

2. Knee-High Boots

IMG_2277 dec2c75213d6eca9f79cce89ee5efba7

These are a great way to spice up any outfit! You can see me wearing mine on the left! As you can see I paired them with a very simple outfit and I think it just brought the look to life! I got those boots at Aldo when I was in NYC recently! The ones on the right are styled a little bit more and just pull the look together! Knee-high boots would look killer in black, too!

3. Plaid

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Plaid is super on-trend right now and I love it! Plaid flannels are a great way to add color and pattern to an outfit when layering this fall! Try them underneath a sweater or layered over top of your favorite summer tank you just cannot put away just yet! On the right you can see some awesome plaid pants! I’m afraid these are a little too out of my comfort zone, but I still love the look! Plaid is popping up everywhere this season! I’m sure you can find something plaid that fits perfectly in your wardrobe!

4. Gigantic Scarves 

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If you’re like me, you love cold weather so you can bundle up in big, warm, cozy layers! That’s exactly why I love this trend! On the left, I love this huge cozy plaid scarf (See, I told you, plaid is everywhere)! On the right is a more subtle way to rock this trend!

5. Alex & Ani Bracelets 

1c71ec9d14e275f982e0b63153c46aa5 9702a43c4e2cb54954caa02a1bcb3bd6

I just recently started to get into the trend of collecting Alex and Ani bracelets and now I’m obsessed! I never really got into the whole Pandora bracelet thing, so I love these! You can pick out things like your interests, favorite sports teams (Sadly, no VT charms yet), and birthstone gems! I love these because it’s like a charm bracelet that represents you, but still looks super cute and trendy on your wrist!

6. Loafers

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I’m convinced I could look at beautiful loafers on Pinterest all day long! I love the loafers on the right because leopard is a great way to add a print to your outfit while still keeping it neutral (YES, leopard print is a neutral)! You can find inexpensive loafers really anywhere! I got a burgundy pair at the Gap for around $25. The loafers on the right are by Tory Burch, so of course they are to die for! I would love to have these shoes in my wardrobe, but for now they’re just fun to look at!

7. Fur Vests

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Fur vests are the perfect way to make any outfit look super fashionable! These vests come fairly inexpensive at places like H&M or Forever 21! There are many different colors, lengths, and styles, so you’re bound to find one you love!

8. High-Heeled Combat Boots

1ae2cea75a1dcb945243aeffa2b295b0 4cdd642f9631c7136ccd0b41487fd4df

I love that combat boots are staying on trend, but still get different changes here and there! These high-heeled combat boots are the perfect way to add a heel to your casual outfit without feeling like you’re trying too hard! They look super fierce no matter what color or style!

9. Coats

c17ecb1aeabf4686d21ae7c5bc301ccf IMG_1544

Coats are a necessity, especially in a place like Blacksburg! Therefore, why not make them worth seeing? Coats are a fun way to add to your outfit! Pick a fun coat you love instead of picking a boring one because you just hate cold weather. I love the one on the left because it is so sleek and structured! I also love the camel color because it matches with basically anything! On the right shows the one I chose this year! This is an olive green coat with a fur lined hood that cinches at the waist! I love it because it doesn’t make me look frumpy (because it cinches at the waist) and also because I adore the olive green color for fall! Mine is by Guess, but I got it at TJ Maxx for a great price!

10. Cozy Pajamas

368a576f41b5b44109fa8862cc6d9918 e5281627593b9dc720504b2b66c0ff59

Lastly, every girl needs a pair of super cozy pajamas! They are simple a staple in every wardrobe! I love super warm pajama sets from Target or Victoria’s Secret! Oh, and don’t forget fuzzy socks to match!

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