Some Serious Inspiration

OH MY GAWD IT’S FINALLY WEDNESDAY and it’s time…to have some fun!! What I have to share with you is some serious WTF inspiration that should brighten your wednesday and get your creative juices flowing before the freakin’ weaken’.

First, Let’s not forget how nature and art has always been a contributing factor and inspiration used to create fashion and should not be overlooked for our own creative ideas considering we live in such a gorgeous state! Fashion can be inspired from art, people, places, architecture ect… but where do you see you see fashion??

Where I See Fashion

Created by: Fashion student Bianca Luini






Mind blown?? Allow this to push your ideas for your next project or outfit outside the box!

That’s all I have for you today- have an incredible weekend, keep it wild and don’t forget to take a look around to appreciate and then create!

A whole lotta love ~ Maddie G ❤

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