Circo Mágico- Mara Hoffman Resort 2015

Circo Mágico- Mara Hoffman Resort 2015 Swim Collection Look Book.Mara Hoffman

Shot by Olivia Malone, this boho-carnival themed Look Book is absolutely stunning- she nailed it.The location looks like a far away whimsical land, a perfect daydream setting. It was shot at a magical place named “Calico” in Cottekill, NY. Believe it or not, this 16 acre bohemian paradise was designed by a couple who jotted down a list of what their dream house should have. Check it out! 

 The Resort 2015 Swim Collection was inspired by Guatemala’s aesthetic (drawn from Mara’s most recent vacay) and her love of vibrant colors and geometric prints. It also features her signature patterns with pastel hues.

image10 image5 image11 image6image7 image2 image8 image3 image9 image4



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