Drink It Cozy

Alright, time to take a little break from our usual hype to rage and get ready to have some cozy, homey fun. Let’s put away the shot glasses and break out the holiday jugs and mugs! 

Who said going home meant the party was over?? 

1. Hot Buttered Rum 


Ingredients: Dark Rum, Butter, Sugar, Cinnamon 

2. Brandy Alexander 


Ingredients:  Brandy, Creme de Cacao, Half-and-Half, Nutmeg

3. Tom and Jerry Batter


Ingredients: Rum, Brandy, or Whiskey, Hot Water, Sugar, Vanilla, Eggs

4. Irish Coffee 


Ingredients: Coffee, Whiskey, Cream 

5. Coquito


Ingredients:  Eggs, Milk, White Rum, Cream of Coconut

Tell me your mouth isn’t watering… Hope this helps spice up your holiday visit!! Safe travels my loves and keep the party going no matter where you travel ❤ 

*I’ll leave you with a Hot Hit by BROODS to add to your travel playlist – xoxo 

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