Meet Orley!

Orley is an up-and-coming menswear brand started by two brothers and one of the brother’s wife (fiance at the time). You may have seen them in The Fashion Fund or an article a couple weeks ago on here where we briefly mentioned the brand. Orley began as a collection of knitwear for the fall/winter 2012 season; since, Orley has expanded into a complete collection of men’s ready-to-wear. The Orley brand can be summed up as a menswear brand for the youthful man with an old soul. They keep their styles classic in the colors and designs, and always have a cardigan at hand, of course. Orley is dedicated to making sure their customers have the best they can offer, thus, they focus on luxury knitwear and high quality material clothing.

In addition to Orley being a finalist in the 2014 CFDA Fashion Fund Award, Orley was also nominated for the 2014 Fashion Group International Rising Star Award in Menswear. Get to know their aesthetic some more by their Fall/Winter 2014 Look book below…

WWD-FW14_01 WWD-FW14_02 WWD-FW14_03WWD-FW14_04  WWD-FW14_05 WWD-FW14_06 WWD-FW14_07 WWD-FW14_08 WWD-FW14_09 WWD-FW14_10 WWD-FW14_11 WWD-FW14_12 WWD-FW14_13 WWD-FW14_14 WWD-FW14_15 WWD-FW14_16 WWD-FW14_17 WWD-FW14_18 WWD-FW14_19 WWD-FW14_20

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