DIY & Rip It Up

Happy Thanksgiving Eve loves! I Hope everyone has allowed the cozy to set in and is enjoying some quality family time ❤ I don’t know about you guys but with this extra time on my hands I have caught the DIY fever! How many times this season have you been shopping and found the perfect destroyed jeans and then checked the price tag??… Sure, it would be easy to go ahead and pay the $75 + for the jeans or you could hit the sale rack or thrift store!- I want to share with you how I turned my own sale jeans into a  grungy masterpiece>>>> Check out my video and DIY tutorial below!

You will need: 

1. Jeans

IMG_8135       (mine frayed a bit more intensely because they are spandex/denim)

2. Cardboard

       (to put in the pant leg while cutting so that it only slices through the top layer you are destroying)

3. Sanding Block 

4. Box Cutter

      (I had to use a sharp hunting knife because my box cutters were dull) 

5. Washing Machine 


Before you begin cutting make sure to mark where your knee hits the jeans with a pen so that you can make slices in the shape of a diamond in the correct spot over the knees. Don’t forget to put the card board in your pants where you are cutting!

You want to sand down and cut where the natural wearing of jeans would occur. I sanded down the edges of my pocks, random places above and below the knee and on the bottom edges of the cuffs.

You can’t go wrong so get creative, slice and destroy wherever! Once you have finished cutting and sanding, run your jeans through the wash and it will do the rest of the destroying for you.

Hope this helps save you some money, gets your creative juices flowing and most importantly gives you something fun to do over break!! Have an amazing Thanksgiving my friends ❤ xoxo

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