A Guy’s Post-College Style

College graduation is among many this December and for many more this spring. As your post-college life begins, your post-college style should change – more specifically, fraternity style. Yes, there is life beyond Polo and Vineyard Vines guys.

While in college it may be okay to sport the overly preppy label look with short shorts and Sperry Top-Siders, but to get on the best dressed list after college kick the Southern Tide, Polo, Vineyard Vines and Fratagonia, I mean Patagonia, to the curb. Here are some brands to start incorporating into your new found style:

  1. Daniel Cremieux

Daniel Cremieux is a great brand for the young professional who loves to look like perfection. The collections stick to classic preppy pieces such as cardigans, scarves, oxfords and sportscoats, keeping a classic color palette used throughout collections, but more specifically Fall/Winter collections. You are sure to look both fashionable and post-baccalaureate professional.

Daniel Cremieux

  1. Duke & Dexter

Killing it in the shoe department, Duke & Dexter offers preppy styles, beyond boat shoes, that keep fashionable and professional wrapped in one. This slip-on slipper style brand highlights matt velvet finishes and style sure to catch eyes.

Duke and Dexter

  1. Weatherproof Vintage

For all the fashion lovers that want prep with a hint of hipster, we’ve got you covered! Dabbling in footwear, outerwear, shirts, knitwear and pants, this brand has got you covered for all your fashion needs!Weatherproof

  1. UrbanStox

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking this is a hipster only brand. UrbanStox is a fun, modern, urban and wallet friendly brand – perfect for the fresh off the campus young adult! Personally, I think UrbanStox does best in the outerwear department, not to say that they don’t bring A-game in all their clothes!UrbanStox

  1. J.Crew

Yes, this brand is very popular on college campuses these days, and, yes, you can totally rock J. Crew out in a professional and fun way! Need I explain more – we all know about J. Crew.


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