DIY “Ugly Sweater” | Christmas Tee

The holidays evoke feelings of joy, gratitude, and excitement. Ofcourse, no Christmas celebration would be complete without the addition of ugly Christmas sweaters. You know the ones I’m talking about; they feature plump, jolly Santas or reindeer with obnoxious red noses, three-dimensional and tacky add-ons, or maybe even all of the mentioned elements and more! Pop culture has adopted the ugly Christmas sweater as a badge of honor, making a competition for who can don the ugliest sweater. Previously, the ugly sweater gained fame as the hand-made gift no one asked for, usually from a relative. Here, I show you how you can swap the sweater for the cuter cousin of the ugly Christmas sweater: the Christmas Tee. It is party-approved, Anthropologie-esque, and it catches eyes for ALL the right reasons.

DIY Christmas Tee

Pair your creation with a sequin collared top layered underneath, a peplum pencil skirt, and fabulous wedges with gold as an accent! However, if you are a guy; disregard my styling advice heavily.


OhChristmasTee christmasteepic2

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Christmas Tee, and stay tuned for more holiday fun!

-Kaley Roshitsh

VTVOGUE writer and owner of black velvet lookbook

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