It’s Good To Be Home

Most of us enjoy being home for the holidays. Sure we get antsy to go back to Blacksburg, but it is nice to have nothing to do for a change. Busy schedules leave us with little free time when we’re at school. Here’s a few things for you to do over break that you’ve been neglecting. Go on; you’ll thank yourself later.

1. Go get your nails done: This is my favorite way to pamper myself. A girl always looks put together when she has a fresh coat of polish on. So go get a manicure, pedicure, or both!

2. Go get your hair done: Picking at your split ends? Starting to see your roots? Then it’s definitely time for a trip to the hair salon. If you’re like me, there are only about 2 people you trust touching your hair (and they are both in your hometown).

3. Get caught up on your finances: This one needs an entire post dedicated to itself (check back next Tuesday). No this isn’t a fun one, but it is essential. It is so easy to have an “immediate future” mindset when you’re at school, buying things and leaving $20 in your bank account. Start planning for the year so you won’t be stressed out later.

4. Visit with friends: You’re probably thinking this one is common sense, but a lot of things can get in our way of seeing hometown friends (work schedules, laziness, plans falling through, etc.). Make it a priority this break to get together with friends you don’t get to see that often.

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