New Year’s Resolution: Be Fashionable

2015 has commenced and the resolutions have begun. So, what is your resolution this year, make better grades, lose weight, go to church more, maybe party less? How about be more fashionable…and here is why you should….

People take you more seriously

Seriously gif

It shows maturity

Maturity Gif

You never know when you might meet your future husband or wife

Future gif

Dressing your best boost your self-confidence

self-confidence gif

Well-dressed people get noticed

noticed gif

You deserve to look your best at all times

look your best gif

Prove that stylish people do in fact exist beyond fashion capitols

fashion exist gif

With so many fashion blogs you never know when someone may be secretly snapping a picture of your ubber cute outfit!

Picture gif

Sweatpants are so basic now

Basic gif

Well-dressed people are more approachable

approachable gof

And… because despite your “love” for over-sized sweatshirts, you really love looking your best – you know you do!

Flawless gif

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