Conquering Social Media, One Unfashionable Dad at a Time

This year is bringing new faces and new inspiration for men’s fashion. Racking up over 68,000 followers on Instagram already, @fashiondads_ is killin’ it in fashion on social media. This viral account is responsible by none other than the creatives, Ashley Hesseltine (@ashhess) and Travis May (@travismay), that brought the Instagram account @BrosBeingBasic which has over 192,000 followers.

You probably shouldn’t be getting your next day-to-night outfit idea from this account, and more than likely if you have already went to the Instagram account you are thinking “what the hell is this guy talking about?”

Okay, okay, hear me out, so maybe you won’t be seeing any of these dad’s at fashion week this spring but you should definitely check the account out for a good laugh or pick-me-up. The dads featured actually have no sense of style at all but the hilarity comes from the ridiculousness of the photo. And not to mention the use of the comedic hashtagging, which makes it all the better. The best part – you can submit your dad’s poor but great outfits to the account and make him #InstaFamous

Dad 4 Dad 3 Dad 2 Dad 1

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