A peak inside Lost Art

d319cdfb207dd6d71ad747ab379bb1fc Over winter break I went on the New York Fashion Study Tour with Dr. Gaskill. It was an amazing experience and my eyes were completely opened to the industry. New York City is such a magical place with a unique energy that I fell in love with. One of my favorite meetings on the trip was at Lost Art Custom Leather by Jordan Betten. Lost Art is a luxury leather brand founded in 1997. The Lost Art Gallery is located in West Chelsea, Manhattan at 509 West 27th Street, New York. His gallery also doubles as his work studio and his personal apartment. The Lost Art collection includes clothing, accessories and instrument cases. Each and every piece has been made entirely by hand with attention to the smallest details. Numerous celebrities collect his work and his pieces are regularly featured in major magazines such as Vogue, W, Rolling Stone, and Elle. Their Company mission is to “create everyday freedom”.

I was honored to meet him. Despite being super talented and having worked with countless celebrities, he was so laid back and humble. He stressed the fact that his work is art and not fashion, and that fashion has almost completely lost the art part about it. Below are some pictures I snapped during our appointment with him and check out http://www.jordanbetten.com.

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