Keepin’ It Hot

If you are anything like me you are already cranking up the Bob Marley and Grateful Dead tunes, rolling down the windows while the heat blasts and dreaming of warmer days. It can get a little dreary in The Burg this time of year but no worries I’m here to fill your inspiration juices with a splash of Malibu 😉

Keeping it hot can get tricky in this dreary cold weather and that is why I am in love with all of the bralette action still going on from summer to fall to this winter season!  



Wear it how you like it lovers! Throw on any style bralette with your boyfriend’s flannels, your grandma’s cardigans, that new sweater you got for Christmas or even that old cut up tee– possibilities are endless but always sweet and sexy. 

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Have an awesome Hump Day everyone– strut your stuff like you can hear the birds chirping and feel the sun shining ❤ Xo



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