Phi Ties: Blacksburg’s Finest Handmade Bow Ties

The cool thing about attending school in Blacksburg is that not only do you go to one of the greatest schools in the country, but this small town is thriving with young entrepreneurs that are full of life and drive. Blacksburg may not be a fashion capitol but Phi Ties owner, designer, and crafter, Benjamin Barnes is definitely working towards a more fashionable ‘burg. Specializing in handmade bow ties with adjustable buttons for gentlemen and hair bows for the ladies, Phi Ties continues to hand cut, sew and package each of their products. Interested in where you can find these ties locally in Blacksburg? Follow Phi Ties on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information.

10675750_306773649530687_7901198552307843406_n 10906265_356910921183626_2783954155304850044_n 10398664_356539294554122_5682077268824416827_n 10675803_328086960732689_6349365242118248959_n10350625_339865019554883_2828751662002314174_n 10698554_338717946336257_9141063968441465935_n  1470265_339192332955485_6852371962708916924_n 10850090_338718059669579_327543757080552562_n10354234_328086617399390_1158180053685043211_n

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