Beating the Winter Blues


New year, new semester, new start. With the second week of classes under wrap, we’re all starting to get back into the academic swing of things, and we’re starting to establish new routines for the semester. Every student in Blacksburg knows that Spring Semester can be synonymous with never-ending-winter, so its important make your routines healthy to avoid the Blacksburg winter blues. I’m not necessarily talking about eating better or working out more (not that those things aren’t important), but you should take advantage of this new start to being the most fabulous you that you can be!


I know that sometimes people get caught up in schoolwork, friend drama, and even winter-induced low self-esteem (trust me I do too), so it’s important to take a step back from all that and do what’s best for you. I’m talking about your mental health people! Take time for the little things in life that make you happy. Get lunch with your friends. Take a night off from studying. Spend less time with the people who hurt your self-esteem and more with those who boost it. Go on a hike. Buy a new pair of shoes. Dress to the nines. Go to the gym and then eat ice cream for dinner!


Us college kids have a whole lot of stuff to figure out in just four short years, and you’ll feel way less stressed about your future if you’re happy and confident. The new semester is the perfect time to start incorporating “me time” into your schedule. I think that we all perform better when we feel better about ourselves. So make this semester your best yet and start doing what makes you happy.



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