Style Influences

Style Influences
It can be as easy as seeing a girl sporting clear frames around her eyes at the show last night; she convinced you that you had vision problems. Therefore, you would be denying yourself a basic human necessity should you not immediately purchase those glasses. Or, it was scrolling through Pinterest where you gained an obsession of Cara Delevingne’s effortless tomboy style and now can’t be seen without black skinny pants and high tops. Maybe, it was growing up with a chic mom who encouraged your love of printed dresses and bucket hats. Whatever the origination of your current style interests, we can all agree that drawing inspiration from sources is a great way to shape your own aesthetic. So, appropriately I have gathered a few of my favorite style influences. Comment your style influences below!
1) Kate Moss-

Honestly, little commentary is needed. She is the queen of effortless cool.

2) Cara Delevingne-

Cara is obviously dominating the runways. But, now she is pursuing her acting career. Either way, she has rad, tomboy style. The skinny pants, baseball jackets, and high tops are a great combination. But, she can also polish her look and be the most striking beauty to grace the red carpet. I may have attempted the 2nd look for Junior prom, but really I wasn’t quite as successful.

3) Sky Ferreira-

Sky is my latest obsession/style influence. She really rocks the heck out of the “no sleep” look. Currently, I am at the point where I want darker dark circles, slept in eyeliner, and a pale, pale face because she is THAT cool. Don’t even get me started on the denim and Docs. But, when she has the occasion, she looks like an other worldly beauty. This girl is too much, or my obsession is too much. I even watched interviews of her, because she has an amazing, rock star rasp that I can’t get enough of. Her music is as fabulously grunge as she is, too.


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