Best & Worst After Party Looks from Grammys 2015


Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner really hit the nail on the head at the after party! Each of them look absolutely stunning and much better than Kim’s look at the Grammy’s earlier that night! Kylie has to be my favorite though because the ever so slightly see through dress embellished with sequins really stands out among the other after party dresses.
Taylor Swift seems to always make it on the best dressed list for any occasion and it does not stop here! She looks so chic in this little black dress with detailed studding and cutouts. Jaime King also has on a beautiful little black dress that compliments her own style.
Maria Menounos also wore a little black dress, but with a twist. The sheer lace details on this dress really make it stand out among the many black dresses. The blush colored pumps to compliment the dress were just the icing on the cake for me.
Country star Dierks Bentley was killing it in this white and beige checkered tux. The black shoes and tie really pull the whole look together. Who knew Dierks could clean up so nicely!
Beyonce was one of the best dressed at the Grammys and the after party! This short, black dress shows off her legs while still keeping the look very classy.
Singer Ricky Martin kept it classic with a fitted black Giorgio Armani tux. He added his own flare to it by unbuttoning the button around the neck and making the collar look “undone”. Definitely one of the better dressed men; after all, he was at an after party hosted by GQ.


Former Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice was just all over the place with her outfit for the Grammy’s after party. She definitely could have made this outfit work, but there is simply just too much going on. The sequined top, fur vest, zippered skirt, and strappy heels do not all compliment each other. She should have picked only a few statement pieces and a couple of classic pieces to act as balance.
Singer Kat Graham tried to go for the jumpsuit Red Carpet trend that is very popular right now, but I don’t think she quite pulled it off. My main concern is that the jumpsuit just looks wrinkled and like she chose it very last minute. Her hair and makeup definitely fit the “sleek” look she was going for, though.
Nick Jonas and girlfriend Olivia Culpo are adorable, but the look Nick was going for just didn’t look like him. I get what he was trying to do with this outfit choice, but I think it would have worked better on someone else.
Rihanna wore her performance ensemble which was an insanely oversized black suit. Again, I get the androgynous look she was trying to go for, but the suit just looked like a mess to me. I would have gone for a more structured, but still oversized fit.
Charli XCX is always known for her crazy, out-there looks, but she just looks like she was playing dress up before the after party! I think this outfit would have been more believable if she would have slicked her hair back or incorporated something a little more chic into her outfit to balance out the wild dress.
Rita Ora is the only one I am a little bit on the fence about. Many reviews placed Rita on the “best dressed after-party looks” list, but for some reason I can’t get into this outfit. I personally think the outfit has too many colors and such going on, but somehow I still think she looks chic because of the hair and makeup.

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