50 Shades of Fashion


Happy V-day, fashionistas! As many of you know, this year the highlight of Valentine’s Day weekend is the much anticipated movie premier of 50 Shades of Grey. The movie, based on E.L. James’s risque romance novel, obviously isn’t getting talked up for its fashion-forward costumes. However, 50 Shades has sparked a series of fashion trends that can be seen worldwide. In 2015, along with the return of 90s grunge styles, you can expect to see a lot of black, leather, lingerie, and chains on the runway.


Kendall Jenner modeled a leather bondage-style dress and a sexy blazer with cut outs in The Balmain Show at Paris Fashion Week this past October.


Tom Ford showcased edgy lingerie-inspired garments on the runway during London’s Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week.


La Perla’s couture lingerie line for Spring/Summer 2015 used a variety of black edgy lines in combination with feminine lace. Very reminiscent of Mr. Christian Grey and  Miss Anastasia Steele.


This maxi dress, seen in Chloe’s Spring 2015 line, uses metal chains to give a classic silhouette an edgy vibe.

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