DIY Mug fit for a goddess


A DIY project can be very simple, or it can involve you making numerous trips to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s carrying ambitious hopes and purchasing tools you otherwise thought were nonexistent. Well, as long as a Wal-Mart is nearby, (which we all know is very likely, where aren’t they these days..), then you can easily create this eloquent, personalized mug for any goddess in your life. Read on.


-Multi-surface/Enamel paint(s)


-Simple mug

(ALL of these items can be found in the crafting section of Wal-Mart)

Since, the instructions are on the paint bottles (clean surface, paint & bake), I will just go into greater depth on how to choose a winning, confidence-boosting, phrase:



landmark/item of interest

(I chose the arch in Washington Square Park, because my friend is a student at NYU. However, it can just be something your friend enjoys. Maybe she likes owls or has crazy school spirit- You be the judge!)



descriptive term

(examples: Goddess, Princess, Queen etc.)



(TIP for text font: Seek tips from alternate source; my handwriting is that of a carefree boy who procrastinates in his studies..Try a Google/Pinterest search for inspiration!)

For added flair, tuck some teabags, hot cocoa, or mints into the mug; or ALL of them, before presenting it to your pal.


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