Hey there fellow lovers ❤ Long time no post! Anyone longing for better skin, more energy, or a supercharged immunity boost?? I know I am! With all of these gorgeous spring collections buzzing around the fashion world, getting back to a healthy body has been high on my to do list.


On days like today it can be incredibly difficult to get your butt up to go to the gym and don’t even get me started on refusing that beautiful steaming bowl of mac & cheese….well, my friends, today is the day I encourage you to test out these three fantastic detox juices!! 


Complexion-calming cucumber and free radical–fighting beets restore balance to the skin when your concealer isn’t enough.

Ingredients:                    1dafc96a9b3224fedaf4918ad72c4ec3simple-ways-to-cut-500-calories-carrots-celery-cucumber-ss
1 1/2 cucumbers
2 celery stalks
2 carrots
1 cup beets (with skin!)
1/2 handful parsley


A base of alkalizing carrots and lemons round out this vitamin C and echinacea–packed juice—so you can stay blissfully sniffle-free. 2b523e76b90176e8392b64c452d6b3da

Ingredients:    562d673406369db9a534e5d96bb4e784

3 carrots
1 pear
1/2 lemon
1 1/2 oranges
1 ml echinacea tincture


When eating three balanced meals is a challenge, a shot of B12 mixed with vitamin K–heavy kale and antioxidant-packed goji berries will provide a clarifying energy boost. 81629aa419d44776d9e92b4116bb0cdd

Ingredients:   2f22b8b4c8f895bd06fe421be7b336e4

6 oz. coconut milk
2 1/2 handfuls of spinach
1 small handful of kale
1 cup of frozen pineapples
Dash of cinnamon
B12 drops (optional)
Gogi berries, for topping​

I hope this inspires you all to stay wild and healthy— and of course prepare yourselves for that sexy spring break vacay!! 

Have a beautiful Monday and stay warm!! xoxo ❤ 

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