Best Costume Designer 2015: 87th Academy Awards

This year for the Oscars, I was really excited to see which costume designer would win this award! There were so many movies out this year with amazing costumes! The nominees were Into the Woods, Inherent Vice, Maleficent, Mr. Turner, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was the winner. I was kind of hoping for Into the Woods or Maleficent to win because I was really into the magical Disney movies. All of the nominations had great costumes that really represented the characters well.


costumes19n-24-tnq-web grand-budapest-hotel

costumes19n-25-4z9-web grand-budapest-hotel-2

costumes19n-26-pn9-web  grand-budapest-hotel-3


The costume designer for The Grand Budapest Hotel was Milena Canonero. Milena Canonero is an Italian costume designer who has won four Academy Awards for costume design and has been nominated 9 times. She is always a go-to designer for top Hollywood films and this time it definitely paid off!

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