On The Fringe

Obsessed. That is the only word that can describe how in love I am with Christofer Bailey’s Fall 2015 looks from Burberry Prorsum. His bohemian-infused work with wild fringe, gorgeous patterns and powerful over the knee boots makes this collection one of my favorites for Fall 2015.

Talk about some inspiration for the weekend! Let this fall collection inspire you to roll out in your most extravegant patterns and earth happy colors. Spring is on its way, lets start dressing like it as best we b-burgers can 😉

look-3-burberry-213x300 look-8-burberry-213x300 look-9-burberry-213x300 look-4-burberry-213x300 look-5-burberry-213x300 look-2-burberry-213x300 look-1-burberry-213x300 look-12-burberry-213x300 look-6-burberry-213x300 look-11-burberry-213x300 look-7-burberry-213x300 look-10-burberry-213x300
Hope everyone had an awesome hump day and is ready to get the weekend started!! Go crazy, you deserve it ❤ xoxo

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