Viva La Mamma

Mother’s Day came early this year at Milan Fashion Week. Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall/Winter 2015 show was a tribute to the elegance, beauty and resilience of motherhood.


The designers casted models to be mothers, including very pregnant Bianca Balti, as well as the most adorable toddlers and babies to showcase this collection. The models walked the runway cradling the babies…. to walk gracefully while trying to not drop the delicate babies doesn’t seem like the easiest task to me. Props to the models (and the well behaved babies) for successfully pulling this heartwarming show off.


The line was all about femininity. It featured the duo’s signature clothing in decadent lace, rose prints, sequins, fur and embellished headpieces. It also included wiggle dresses with elbow length sleeves, pencil skirt suits, embellished doctor bags, and even a dress with hand drawn children’s pictures and scribbles. Some of the mother models were matching the toddlers. Am I sensing matching mother-daughter outfits making a come back?

And to top it off, Spice Girls 1996 hit “Mama” played as the mother models showed off the breathtaking line.

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