Hey there friends. I hope everyone has tapped into their inner free spirit and is ready to let their freak flag fly next week! Thought I would throw a little inspiration your way to help raise the temperature of your spring break fever.

Anyone follow @babynative on instagram?? Well, if you don’t, you’re missing out on some serious inspiration.

Meet Melodi Meadows.

My everyday woman crush.


She first caught my attention on instagram when I noticed her incredible talent for styling. She captures people and life in the rawest formality. Her work reminds me to stay inspired by the earth and to dress exactly as we are– free.

As a stylist, painter, photographer and model,she is the definition of an artist and I believe that her work encompasses the entire reason for why I love fashion. It is simply art and completely beautifully inspirational.

Let her work inspire you to go wild and stay free always, especially over spring break!! Be safe and daring, lovers 😉


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