Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 Trends

With fingers crossed, it appears as though the spring weather is here to stay. After a brutally cold winter, I think many fashionistas and fashionistos can agree that they are ready to start sporting the spring/summer 2015 trends.

My favorite place to find trends in men’s fashion each season is the bi-annual GQ Style Magazine; devoted to only the trends of that season. So, here are my top ten favorite men’s SS15 trends from the GQ Style Magazine, and a few other trends this season.

  1. Khaki, Khaki, and More Khaki


The fashion gods have spoken, and I do love what they have said! This season, khaki has risen as the suit to flaunt at spring and summer social gatherings. You may be thinking, suits are so hot for the summer. True, but not true. The glorious southern charmers have been wearing unlined suit jackets for years and years and years—super lightweight and thin, there will be no burning up in these suits. Dress it up with a shirt and tie, dress it down with a t-shirt, or in the middle with a polo underneath, either way khaki is the right way.

  1. The 90’s are back!

diesel-denim-light-wash-belther-814d-slim-fit-jeans-product-2-11656797-180208228_large_flex anf_58971_01_model1

Okay, so maybe they aren’t quite back… so don’t be going through your dad’s closet hoping to find something fashionable. But, what is back is light wash denim. I love my dark wash denim, but there is something a little more cool and retro about light wash denim. The key is to find a pair that are already broken in, comfortable, looser fitting but not baggy, and all over cool.

  1. Bow Down to the Return of the Knit Polo

1615101_Malibu_Blue_246_A 1687_50_i_0___source

Everyone loves a good knit polo. Fitted at the bottom, you can’t tuck this polo in. Rock it out with that khaki suit mentioned earlier, or with a pair of shorts (a trend coming down the post). Pattern? You can’t go wrong—horizontal stripes, one stripe, argyle, solid, they’re all awesome this season!

  1. Adios Short Douche-y Fraternity Shorts


Guys, sorry, it’s just not the season to wear those short shorts anymore. Save them for the girls. Last season, men’s shorts were showing off knees, thighs, and basically everything from waistline down; but for 2015, you want to stick with shorts that hit right at the knees, or there slightly above. Pattern? Solid, plaid, polka-dot—it doesn’t really matter as long as we can’t see your pale thighs.

  1. Everybody Wants to be a Track Star

1427301278149_SIP-2015-track-jackets-600 GQ_Selects_November_Look4_nike_shipley_halmos_levis

I remember in middle school I owned this brown and orange track jacket, and I wore it every day, everywhere—it was my favorite. Then they disappeared, only for athletes to wear (and as you’re guess, a guy in fashion typically is not an athlete). But pull out the old ones, go buy some new ones because everybody can wear them again! Wear them with fashion sweats, with a tank top under, or with a polo under and jeans, or even just a t-shirt. Heck, make a suit casual and slip one under the blazer.

  1. Black Tie Event? Wear White!

item9.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.jay-z-jackets-ss10 white-suits-01

Okay, so the name implies that you should wear a black tie to a black tie event right? Don’t break the rules. Wear the black tie, but mix it up with a white blazer, white shirt, black pants and shoes! Dress to impress, not to blend in with the rest.

  1. Breaking the Shorts Rule 101


So… I lied. You can wear short shorts, but ONLY if they are swimwear. Keep your beachwear at the mid thighs. After all, you are looking for a tan at the beach right? The key to the beachwear trend this season is bold patterns; lots of stripes, lots of zig-zigs, lots of leaf prints, lots of anything bold. The best part about these, they look great with a solid colored oxford shirt for walking to the beach or around beach shopping and dining.

  1. Florals with Confidence

gitman-vintage-floral-print-shirt ed3558e9350c4bd265afdc4e9ed34f29

Last spring and summer floral print shirts dominated men’s fashion. This season, keep them dominating. Do: Wear smaller floral patterns on your shirt. Don’t: Tuck your floral print shirts in. Do: Dress them up with a summer cardigan or sweater sometimes. Don’t: Wear multiple floral prints all at once. Do: Try to find a pair of floral slip-on casual shoes (because those are just super fly, and we all know it).

  1. All Cotton E’rything


Ties have crossed over to the cotton side, and we like it! Ditch the silk ties, ditch those ugly knitted wool ties that no one really liked, but somehow made it last season, and bring in the cotton ties!  Fun fact: cotton ties give a texture that silk ties do not… texture + pattern = one hella good dressed dude. ‘nuff said.

  1. Scruff. Period.


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