Revolutionary Designs

Helloooo fashionistas! My apologies for the lack of blog posts recently! I, like many of our other fabulous VTVogue bloggers, have been beyond busy preparing for the FMDS Spring Fashion Show: Revolution. In case any of you live under a rock, our fashion show took place this past Thursday in Squires Commonwealth Ballroom. Now that our fabulous models have strut our designs down the runway, I have decided to give you all a behind the scenes look on my design process. Enjoy!


The theme of the show, Revolution, was intended to push designers outside of their comfort zone and design for the future. For me, this meant doing something unconventional. As of right now I only have one sewing class (sort of) under my belt to contribute to my fashion design career, but I didn’t want that to hold me back while designing for the show. So I tapped into some of my other creative abilities to create something totally unique.

In high school I took a few Art and 3-D Design (aka crafts) classes, and in those classes there was one medium that really stood out to me: paper mache. During my senior year,  our class was instructed to make paper mache helmets to be worn in the theatre department’s production of The Odyssey. So I took that experience and combined it with my beginner sewing abilities and started designing for Revolution.

Boar of Circe's Island Helmet
Boar of Circe’s Island Helmet

For my design, I wanted to create something edgy with classic feminine elements. So I came up with a paper mache corset, tulle skirt, and leggings.


The most challenging aspect of this look was the paper mache corset. How did I do it?? The answer: newspaper, water, glue, and a VERY patient model/friend.



After saran-wrapping and paper mache-ing directly on to my lovely model Kara, I let the piece air dry before cutting it off. I went back and applied several more layers of paper mache to add support. I then cut cardboard pieces and taped them onto the piece to create structure and stability. After a few more layers of paper mache, I lightly sanded the soon-to-be corset top. Then I punched holes into the back of the corset for lacing and spray painted it with really awesome metallic spray paint! Last but not least, the corset was laced up with black ribbon.

FullSizeRender (1)


With the corset complete, I used a pattern to construct basic black, knit leggings. As for the skirt, I used about 10 yards of stiff tulle, cut it into multiple circles, and sewed it to an elastic waistband.



Well folks, there you have it! This process took me about half a semester, but I completed in in time for the show and it looked AWESOME on the runway (thanks Kara). I can’t wait to start designing again!


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