How to Dress for the Blacksburg Tundra

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That time of year is unfortunately upon us. As some of you may know, winter in Blacksburg can be pretty gruesome.  Fortunately, your style doesn’t have to suffer due to the drop in temperature. Below are  a few of my essentials to staying warm and fabulous this winter.


Lovely Layers

Layers are essential to surviving the unpredictable Blacksburg weather. You are guaranteed to be nice and toasty! You also have the option to remove layers if your class is too warm or the temperature rises throughout the day.

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Snow Boots

Everyone knows the struggle of walking through the Drillfield the morning after freshly fallen white snow. L.L. Bean , Hunter, and Timberland boots are all examples of footwear that will keep your feet warm and stylish.

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Snug Sweaters

Sweaters are always my go to for the Blacksburg Tundra because they don’t compromise style for comfort! You can dress up a sweater with any statement necklace or scarf and be ready to tackle the world.

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Back to Black

Black is THE color for all seasons but most importantly winter because it will attract the sun’s heat to keep you warm! As of right now, I am declaring black to be the official color of the Blacksburg Tundra (it’s scientifically proven).

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