Mom Jeans Aren’t Just For Your Mom

Using your mother as a source of fashion inspiration would not usually seem like an appealing idea. (Unless of course, your mom has a great sense of style!) But this season, the reemergence of the “Mom Jean”  should have us all running to our favorite lady’s closet this Fall Break.

When your limbs just need a breather from suffocating skinny jeans, or you “literally can’t even” with the tiring little dance that you do to get them on, you may want to look to this more relaxed-fit denim. They will make sure to keep you warm, comfortable, and stylish this fall.

KJ Mom Jean2

Kendall Jenner effortlesly rocks this ’90s trend while out doing cool supermodel things. Jenner keeps the outfit fairly minimal, with just a cropped jumper and trendy shades.

So, this fall, you can channel your inner “mom”, like Kendall Jenner, by infusing some comfortable denim into your wardrobe!