Rework Summer Styles Into The Cold Weather

Let’s be honest, Blacksburg’s fall season is typically a jump from the sweltering Virginia heat to frigid temps overnight. Does saying a “see you next year” to your shorts, skirts, and dresses really bum you out? Don’t let it! There are multiple ways to wear your warm weather clothes in the icy Blacksburg temps.

For your favorite warm weather dresses, try layering a sweater over the dress. It’s an incredibly easy and comfortable outfit, especially for going downtown or to parties (because no one likes waiting for an Uber in freezing temps with no jacket). The sweater provides that extra warmth and will look effortless.

If you’re the type of person who loves your shorts and skirts, keep them in your closet this winter too! Wearing tights underneath shorts and skirts with boots will set you apart from the usual jean or leggings look.


The key for transitioning your summer clothes into the fall and winter is to make sure the color palette doesn’t scream “summer”. Contrasting a lighter or bright color with darker colors will create that perfect balance, giving you a fresh winter look.


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