Whats #trending on campus?

As we all know, the weather can be pretty unpredictable, especially in Blacksburg. I’ve seem some great trends around campus that can be worn during any fall weather and they’re very fashionable! Being fashion forward, comfortable, and weather appropriate is what it’s all about in college!


I’ve seen a lot of long sleeves being rolled up around campus as well as quarter length sleeves. When it gets a little cold outside, the long sleeves can be unrolled and remain stylish. When it gets a little warm outside, rolling them up gives the perfect balance of warmth for the fall weather. It’s very convenient and versatile!

 :  : Art Basel 2012 Style And Pictures: Pinterest: Nuggwifee☽ ☼☾:


Distressed jeans and leggings are the rave on campus! They are perfect for ANY occasion and any type of weather. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to pull them off. While rolling out of bed for that 8am class, jeans and leggings are the perfect options. They demonstrate that comfort and fashion sense can exist in the same outfit. So many fashionable outfits can come out of a cute pair of jeans or a nice pair of leggings!

DIY shredded jeans: #fashion #streetstyle #outfit - Discover Sojasun Italian Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram Pages!: Perfect silky floral tank, open sweater, neutral classic accessories. Perfect.: love the chic fitness gear. strong piping and lines on the fitted jacket. interesting pattern on the running tights.


Accessories are a great way to jazz up an outfit that needs that little something extra. They can add spice to a sweet outfit and vice versa! Accessories such as scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry are a major trend worldwide, especially on college campuses.

i think its amazing, cause i love all the things with wool and having to do with the brown.: classic: NEED more Alex and Anni bracelets! Found a student discount too, thank heavens.:


Boots, boots, and more boots! Boots are a huge trend on and off college campuses! From UGGs to Hunter rain boots; they are perfect for fall and winter!

Hunter Rainboots | 37 Ways To Treat Yourself With Tiffany Blue. I want these boots!!!!: How to Wear L.L. Bean Duck Boots: a lonestar state of southern -- Tory Burch:

All of these trends are absolutely fabulous and I hope they continue! It’s a must to keep up with the trends so I’ll be sure to keep you updated!