Punny Halloween Costumes

Step out of the norm of sexy halloween costumes and dress as a conversation starter! There’s nothing better than wearing a punny costume and finding people who understand your humor. Here are a couple of outfit ideas for you to try this Halloweekend.

Candy Rapper


Grab a zip up jacket, put on a backwards hat, sunglasses, and stick some candy wrappers to your jacket and you’ll look like you’re about to drop the sweetest mixtape this Halloween.

Ceiling Fan


Don’t have a favorite sports team? That’s okay because now you’re a ceiling fan! Take a T-shirt and write “Go Ceiling!” on it and wait for the laughs. It might take people a second to get it, but trust me, when they do they’re going to think you’re super clever.



Who doesn’t love some good ole Nickelback?! Give everyone a real #TBT and dress as everyone’s favorite band (LOL). Get a T-shirt and tape some nickels to your back and Voilà; you’re the puniest kid in the room! But watch your back – some people might want to take your nickels for meter parking the next day.

Identity Theft


Let’s hope you never get your identity stolen! For this funny yet comfy look, take a black hoodie and put on a lot of “Hello my name is” stickers with different names on them. It could be quite a conversation starter if you meet someone during the night and you have his or her name on you.



If you’re too lazy to make a costume or even dress up at all, here’s a perfect way for you to still get into the Halloween spirit. Take a black marker and write, “book” on your face and boom! You have just created the simplest yet most punny costume at your Halloween party.

If you or any of your friends don’t have a costume for the night, use these awesome punny Halloween costume ideas. If you decide to go out and have fun this weekend, remember to stay safe and party on!

~Happy Halloweekend~

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