Holiday Outfit Ideas For Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving is coming and I know that we’re all anticipating this week long break! I’m here to share some festive outfits that can be worn on Thanksgiving day and/or during the holidays that are fun and spread the holiday spirit!

Thanksgiving Wear

This is an example of a perfect holiday outfit that I put together using the Polyvore app. You’d be warm, stylish, and festive! I used fall colors, such as the burgundy shoes and the cream vest, and put them together with a striped shirt to make it look young and fun. I included the distressed jeans to give this outfit a little edge. This would be a great outfit to wear to a Thanksgiving dinner with your family! The faux fur vest can be found at American Eagle outfitters; I think it is so adorable!

i'm kind of obsessed with this red dress worn under this fur vest. the floppy hat is also amazing: Oversize Cardigan With Skirt,Long Boots and Leggings:  2015 Winter fashion inspiration - Jennifer Rizzo: A denim dress with gray leggings and boots and gray scarf...fall 2015: Love the skirt:

Skirts and dresses are not just for the summer and spring time; The Holidays are perfect time to wear your favorite dresses! A warm vest, a long cardigan, or stockings are the perfect touch to any fall/winter wardrobe. These are a few outfits that can be transformed from summer/spring to fall/winter with only a few touches.

I hope you all stay stylish throughout the holiday and keep warm!