Thanksgiving Style Inspiration

We are all starting to get antsy for Thanksgiving break, but it is almost here! Now we have to pack up our clothes and also find something to wear for Thanksgiving. Here are a few ideas to inspire your holiday outfit.

 I would recommend not wearing anything too tight because Thanksgiving equals a lot of food!! Adding any fall color, such as burgundy and golden hues, into your Thanksgiving outfit will look perfect. You can do this with a jacket, a scarf, your nails, or your makeup. Whether you are going for a more casual look or dressing up for a more fancy gathering, you can still be festive by adding in some key fall pieces to your look.

Even though the food at school is better than we can ever ask for, there is nothing like sitting around the table with your family and a home cooked meal. Hopefully my suggestions will help if you are struggling on what to wear for Thanksgiving!

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