Lost and Found: The Beauty of Thrifting

Out of what seems like the never-ending racks of clothing


A diamond in the rough

There’s that one piece

That one piece


 It looks like it was made for you

However, it was once someone else’s treasure before you.

Who had this before me?

Did they cherish it like I knew I would?

Why did they give it up?

This outfit was inspired by the unexpected relics we find- The unknown secrets that thrifted pieces hold, are part of the reason why thrifting enchants the soul of this fashionista and romantic.

There were memories imbedded into each stitch by the previous owner.

There’s a thrill in the chase of the bargain-the immense satisfaction in knowing you discovered something is that of pirates’ glory.

Tacky treasures & Vintage wonders

We thirst for more.







Outfit Details:

Hat- Free People

Blazer- Thrifted (originally Jill Stuart)

Button-Down- Thrifted (originally Chaps)

Jeans- H&M

Boots- Thrifted (originally J.Crew)

Rings- PacSun

Stay starry-eyed and stylish.



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