HOLIDAY DIY: Celeb-rate with Fashionable Printable Ornaments!

Celebrities in past fashion | Printable Ornaments

Celebrities play a pivotal role in the realm of pop culture, especially in regards to disseminating fashion. So, as a way to spread the holiday cheer and reflect on the importance of fashion and celebrities’ roles for influence, I bring you printable ornaments! Hang them on your tree, decorate your menorah, give them as gifts, bake them into pies~ ahhhh!? What?

It’s so easy to fill-in any sparse areas of your tree with heavily photoshopped celebs displaying the finest fashion moments of the past. Just print, cut along the dotted line, thread some yarn through the indicated hole, and admire your efforts.

Firstly, for any beliebers out there, we have Justin Bieber in the 17th century garb of a duke. Make note of the hair that is longer on one side. This is called a “love lock,” and it was a popular hairstyle for men of the time. Bieber technically brought this look back with that lush peroxide-blonde mane of his, swooping delicately over his eye.


Next is Gigi Hadid in Saint Laurent’s Mondrian dress from 1965. Op art and pop art dominated the 1960s, and well Gigi is killing it lately. So, here she is…


Finally, we revisit the 1950s youth who adopted eccentric habits of dress and grooming, while straying ever further from the conventions of society. Clothed in black turtlenecks, beards, and black berets; their “sport” included poetry readings and tapping on bongos. They are the beatniks. As cruel as the meme world had been to Drake in his “Hotline Bling” music video, I took it a fashionable step further. Here is Drake as a beatnik, enjoy!


Happy Holidays!




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