{Holiday How To}: ❆ Winter White ❆

Once the temperatures drop and December rears its head,

the colours red and green only seem to emulate the season.

However, I disagree.

I believe wearing white past labor day is a rule to be broken.

Having rules in fashion is a faux-pas in itself.

Expression in all senses, especially expression through clothing, needs no policing.

The key is cream-

not bleached white.

The colour of the freshly fallen snow, however tainted by the barren dirt underneath or the boots that romp around in it.

The color of new beginnings,

a future bright but not dimmed by the past.


There’s something so classic, yet fresh about wearing cream.

It’s spirited, but not oppressive or typical as wearing some variation of a red-green ensemble. I find that playing up textures is a crucial part in any outfit, especially when doing a monochrome outfit like this!







Outfit Details:

Jacket- N/A (taken from my mom’s closet… #guilty)

Sweater- Thrifted (originally Zara)

Culottes- Free People

Heels- J. Crew

Headband- N/A (handmade)

Earrings- Forever 21

Stay starry-eyed and stylish.




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